How to frame Mind to become rich quickly


If you truly want to manifest more money in your life, you need to shift your thoughts away from lack and scarcity and more toward gratitude. Focus on what you DO have and not on what you DON\'T have. When you do this,  you resonate that sense of abundance and fullness out into the Universe...

And the Universe will respond by delivering opportunities for more abundance back to you to match your vibration.




LOA / Relationships / Attracting Perfect Partner


*****LOA / Relationships / Attracting Perfect Partner*****

1.When using the Law of Attraction you can't be attached to "how" you will manifest the perfect partner, or any other goal in your life. Try focusing on the end result that you are seeking. Visualize what your life is like now that you have the perfect partner, not 'how' you will get this certain person. Focusing on this one relationship sends the wrong energy into the Universe.




How to start to become aware of subconscious thoughts? Then Replacing old limiting patterns?


Your subconscious thoughts are those that you started developing from an early age and have reinforced and created patterns from over the years. The good news is, they CAN be changed. Negative limiting beliefs about yourself, others or your circumstances can be eliminated from your life when you make a decision, with firm intention & emotion to do so.

It all starts with positive self-talk and positive visualization, so you can put a positive vibration into the world and attract positive people and positive opportunities into your life.






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