Heal Your Mind - Heal Your Body (7 Powerful Affirmations to Bless Your Chakras)


Would you consider yourself to be healthy? Happy? Whole?

Well what if I told you that you could experience all of those feelings almost immediately, through 1 simple exercise?

Would you believe me?

The truth is, ordinary people just like you and me, are already doing this 1 simple thing to achieve nothing short of miraculous results!

Want to know what it is?

It's blessing your body's chakras (or energy centers)!

Now, whether this is all completely new to you or you've been clearing your chakras for years, keep reading because I'm about to share with you how to notice if you have an imbalanced chakra and then exactly how to get it completely realigned.

You see, when you're energetically in balance, you're open to limitless possibility and potential, and it's easy to create the healthy, happy, and whole future you desire!

Before we get started... The word 'chakra' translates to circle or wheel and is often symbolized by a ball of colored light. Personally, I find it works best to balance my chakras and bless my energy centers while meditating and it's easy to picture a ball of glowing light for each.

There are 7 chakras that each serve a specific purpose. Understanding each one will get you much closer to achieving optimal health and happiness.

#1 Root Chakra: Grounds you to the earth and the physical world. It's located at the base of your spine, and is linked to feelings of fear and your survival / primal instincts, especially surrounding money and food.

Symptoms of imbalance: You suffer from overwhelming feelings of lack, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, or adrenal gland or kidney problems.

Healing method: Walk barefoot, interact with nature, eat red colored foods, picture a red glowing ball of energy at the base of your spine. Then repeat this to yourself...

Affirmation: I am connected to the earth and open to the positive energy that flows through me.

#2 Sacral Chakra: Deals with feelings of desire, specifically in the areas of relationships, sexuality, and intimacy. It's located in your lower abdomen below your belly button, and affects your reproductive organs.

Symptoms of imbalance: You attract partners who aren't a good fit for you, you worry about finding your perfect mate, you're over-emotional or withdrawn, or feel guilty about your sexual drive.

Healing method: Try something new, incorporate orange fruits and veggies, raw honey, and nuts into your diet, and visualize an orange glowing ball of energy surrounding your lower abdomen. Then, repeat to yourself...

Affirmation: I feel passionate about my life and am confident in who I am.

#3 Solar Plexus Chakra: Deals with feelings of inner strength, vitality, and self-control. It's located between your ribcage and your navel and is linked to your liver, pancreas, digestive system, and other organs in that region.

Symptoms of imbalance: You struggle with emotional and power issues, feel unworthy and like a victim, have a hard time making decisions, and have low self-esteem.

Healing method: Move around, eat yellow foods and grains, move the glowing ball up to your solar plexus and imagine it turning to a golden yellow color and growing in size as you repeat to yourself...

Affirmation: I can do anything I set my mind to and am worthy of all the Universe has to offer.

#4 Heart Chakra: Covers feelings of love, compassion, acceptance, self-esteem, and forgiveness. It's located in the middle of your chest and helps the operation of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system.

This is one of your most important chakras as it needs to be open and in a state of gratitude, in order to receive from the Universe.

Symptoms of imbalance: You can act selfish, egotistical, jealous, angry, and are prone to confrontation and fighting.

Healing method: Focus on love, opening your heart to others, eating leafy greens, and picturing a giant green ball of energy in your chest as you repeat...

Affirmation: I love my life and have compassion for all of the people in it.

#5 Throat Chakra: Deals with communication, speech, self-expression, truth, and creativity. It houses your lungs and respiratory system.

Symptoms of imbalance: You may experience feelings that nobody cares about what you have to say, feel like people are lying, being untrustworthy or unfaithful, have poor listening/speaking skills, thyroid issues, asthma or bronchitis.

Healing method: Sing, join a choir, drink juices and eat raw honey, picture a glowing ball of blue light in your neck and surrounding area as you repeat...

Affirmation: I express myself honestly and trust the Universe to bless this energy center for the greatest good.

#6 3rd Eye Chakra: Helps with intuition, insight, awareness, and perception. It's located between your eyes in the center of your forehead and affects your pituitary gland, eyes, ears, and nose. This is the chakra that searches for spirituality and the meaning of life.

Symptoms of imbalance: You feel unclear about your life's purpose, feel indecisive, easily confused, or being inconsiderate to others.

Healing method: Free your imagination to visualize the life you want, picture an indigo colored glowing ball moving to the center of your forehead and say to yourself...

Affirmation: I know my life's purpose and am open to gaining new wisdom.

#7 Crown Chakra: Focuses on enlightenment, inspiration and connecting with source. It's located at the very top of your head and is your window to connect with spirituality and pure bliss.

Symptoms of imbalance: Confusion, over-analyzing, loneliness, migraines, headaches, depression.

Healing method: Get outdoors and breathe the fresh air in deeply, feel the sun on your face, and picture a beautiful purple or white glowing ball of energy, as you think...

Affirmation: I am open to the Universe and the divine that connects all people and all things.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in your life, begin spending a few minutes each day balancing and blessing your chakras for the greatest good. What's cool is that you can also work to send positive energy to other people to help balance their chakras too.

Even if you don't notice anything right away, stick with it!

It doesn't take long for these energy centers to align and when they do, you'll notice a BIG positive difference in the way you feel.

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Have you balanced your chakras? Let us know if you noticed a change in your mindset and body and how it impacted your life, in the box below!





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