*****I'm having a difficult time visualizing belief*****


Create a goal of how you’d like to FEEL about your life.

If you’d like to feel more passion, fun and excitement in your life for example, set this as your goal, and then each day, ask the Universe to bring ways for you to achieve this into your experience.

Soon, you’ll start becoming aware of activities or opportunities that will allow you to experience more of this feeling that you’d like to create for yourself.

If you like, you can then create clear goals around spending more time doing or getting better at these activities.

For example: you want to have more fun & adventure in your life, and you ask for this, and soon a friend “randomly” asks you to go surfing – you try it for the first time and it turns out that you love it, so you then create a goal around becoming a better surfer, etc.

Your desire for the feeling can lead to you can lead to you creating the goal, it doesn’t always have to be the other way around.





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