The Secret to Making 2016 Your Best Year Yet


Well kids we are entering into another year, which normally spawns all those thoughts of ‘Am I where I’m supposed to be?’ ‘Should I be doing better?’ ‘How can I do better next year?’ and ‘What should my New Years Resolution be?’

I don’t know how you feel about New Years Resolutions but I’m out to lunch on them. I think for most people they are more like a brash statement you say around midnight after 12 glasses of champagne…enough champagne that gives you that ‘ten foot tall and bullet proof’ kind of bravado to publicly announce something that deep down you know you won’t follow through on.

You know things like ‘This year I’m giving up smoking’ or ‘I’m joining the gym and will lose 20 pounds’ or ‘I’m definitely starting my own business this year’. These seem to be the usual suspects and if you recognize one or all of these I have a recommendation for you to mix things up this year and set you up for success.

Now I should divulge to you that this idea came to me after a good friend asked me a question that stumped me a little. I actually couldn’t give him an answer at the time and I had to give this some deep thought before I could answer it for myself.

He asked…‘If you could change one thing about yourself what would that be?’

Now that’s a simple enough question right?

Well for some reason I found it hard to answer. I suppose I have been on an intense journey the last couple of years delving deeper into who I am, taking responsibility for my own happiness, understanding how I contributed to things that weren’t going my way and shedding those characteristics about myself I didn’t like anymore.

To be totally honest I am not even remotely close to the woman I was a couple of years ago.

THAT woman was desperately unhappy but was so masterful at putting up a façade that everything was okay that she isolated herself from being able to ask for help or to share with anyone she was in so much pain.

THAT woman didn’t have just one daily vice to numb herself to avoid thinking about that pain so she didn’t have to focus on the frustration and hopelessness she felt…she had three…TV, work AND alcohol.

THAT woman was an overweight judgmental, emotionally closed down, tough bitch operating from her masculine, refusing to show any signs of weakness and simply going through the motions every day.

So when I started on my inner journey I had way more than just ‘one thing’ I wanted to change about myself, I had an extensive and formidable list to tackle.

The thing is I knew what I wanted to change before I started doing the work. I set a strong intention that I wanted to change these things about myself so the REAL me could come out and shine and show up as the beautiful, open-hearted woman deliciously in her feminine energy that I aspired to be.  

Now my happiness levels are off the charts and I feel more fulfilled, more love and it’s evident for the world to see. Everyone I meet always comments about my energy before anything else and if they are meeting me for the first time the most common observation is that ‘You’re way more beautiful in person than you are in your photos or videos’.

Now I’m showing up as who I want to BE and I LOVE this person! This is why I found it hard to answer that question at the time.

So if YOU could change one thing about you what would that be?

Who do you want to be in 2016? Rather than only thinking about what you want to achieve and accumulate I encourage you to also think about who you want to become. What characteristic would you like to adopt, add that to the list and set a strong intention to make it so.

Now here’s the secret as to why this one additional step will completely change the results you’ll reach in 2016 and set you up for success…

When you truly love yourself and you are interacting with people and operating from a space of confidence, happiness and high vibration the optimal health and weight, the outstanding relationships and the wealth you want to create all flows easier to you because YOU are in flow.

What you need to create the reality you want is attracted to your energy with ease and grace and you will be amazed at how quickly things will show up for you.

Trust me. It makes all the difference.

Oh, so just in case you were wondering what my one thing I’m going to change about myself in 2016 its…drum roll please…

Playfulness. I’m going to be more playful at work, in my relationships and in my quality ‘me’ time.

Because let’s face it, life’s too short not to have fun in everything you do.

Happy New Year!!





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