The Inspiration Show, is Natalie’s online show where she interviews the very best and brightest minds in personal development today and every day people with inspiring stories.


Each week she produces new episodes covering topics from the Law of Attraction, manifesting, success, reaching goals, empowering your life and the lives of others and much much, much more.


Her guests have included some of the world’s most inspiring self-growth authors, self-help experts thought leaders and spiritual teachers featuring well known experts such as, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch, Bob Doyle, Mike Dooley, Don Jose Ruiz, Joe Vitale, David Christopher, Dr. Joe Dispenza and dozens of others from around the country and the world.


The Inspiration Show seeks to provide watchers with unique insight into their own lives and existence here on our planet… in small, easy to digest chunks that will give a kick to just about anyone’s day.


Broadcast completely online, you can watch the most current show, or browse the whole library to find an episode that suits you! They’re all incredibly powerful in their own right, and don’t blame us if you find yourself “binge watching” them.





You are doing a great job in changing the internal and external
collective conversation to a positive one! In the beginning is the word, and the word is good! Hear the good, see the good, speak the good! Thank you! Good bless us all!

– Aaron Wolfson



I really enjoy this show! It is always good to hear tips and insights on awareness. As I watched
and listened I became aware of similar situations in my life and how I can approach them.
Thank you.

– Michael Hutton



Wow ! What great show ! You give understandable, concrete tools and advices to apply the at
traction traction law into our lives ! My favorite!

– Veronique St-Martin




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