3 Powerful Tips for Success


Have you ever had a goal but just not known how to reach it?

Today I’m going to share three easy to implement tips for reaching success. You can apply these to any goal you have – no matter how big or small.

Tip #1: You don’t need to know how you will reach a goal.

Bob Proctor says, “If you know HOW you’ll reach a goal, the goal isn’t big enough.”

So first of all, when you’re setting yourself a goal, don’t put any limitations on yourself or worry how you are going to get there.




So What's Your Story?


I love it when I ask for something and ‘Hey Presto’ it appears.

As I was sitting at my desk this morning struggling to find the inspiration for a topic to write this blog post on I realized the mistake I was making…I was struggling.

I know that magic happens when I ask for what I want, get out of the way and surrender to the knowledge that what I asked for is on it’s way. Doing this opens up the channel for it to flow easily to me.




You Never Know Where Your Gifts will Come From


I love meeting people who are coming across Personal Development information for the first time. Living in the ‘California Bubble’ as I like to call it and being insulated or surrounded (purposefully) by friends who all do similar message based work as me sometimes I forget how completely life altering this information can be to new ears.

I remember when I popped my ‘PD’ cherry. I was 21 years old and my boss at the time handed me a set of cassettes, 6 if I recall correctly, by Brian Tracy.






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