Personal Growth Studies
(For Grades K-12)


Much of the science behind the field of personal development hinges on several aspects of the human condition… and many of those aspects, our personality, our family histories and our collective experience form the basis for the way that we see, interact with and interpret the world. We also know that these foundations start in childhood.

The earlier we can reach children and show them the world outside isn’t just something they should leave to chance, that their fate is pre-determined and their path already written...the better chance that they discard their circumstances and find their true potential. We’ve found this to be true regardless of current situation in life, rich or poor, educated or even living in a 3rd world country with no resources.

Children are incredibly resilient and ready to soak up this new knowledge.








(The big vision is to implement the program in classrooms all around the country and for buyers to grant another deserving child access to MindMovies when they buy a membership (buy 1 for give 1 system))

Our Vision at Mind Movies is to enrich and expand as many students minds into what’s actually possible, as we can.

Our charter program in Colombia is getting underway and 10,000 well deserving kids will use this technology to better their own lives and the lives of their families.

But we’re not stopping there. Our goal is to have Mind Movies in classrooms all over this country as well. Our new “Mind Movies Match” program will put Mind Movies into another deserving child’s hands each time someone purchases Mind Movies for themselves, we’ll match each and every purchase... one for one!

If you're interested in finding out how to get Mind Movies for Kids into your school, simply email [email protected] and we'll be in touch!