The Secret to Making 2016 Your Best Year Yet


Well kids we are entering into another year, which normally spawns all those thoughts of ‘Am I where I’m supposed to be?’ ‘Should I be doing better?’ ‘How can I do better next year?’ and ‘What should my New Years Resolution be?’

I don’t know how you feel about New Years Resolutions but I’m out to lunch on them. I think for most people they are more like a brash statement you say around midnight after 12 glasses of champagne…enough champagne that gives you that ‘ten foot tall and bullet proof’ kind of bravado to publicly announce something that deep down you know you won’t follow through on.

You know things like ‘This year I’m giving up smoking’ or ‘I’m joining the gym and will lose 20 pounds’ or ‘I’m definitely starting my own business this year’. These seem to be the usual suspects and if you recognize one or all of these I have a recommendation for you to mix things up this year and set you up for success.




Heal Your Mind - Heal Your Body (7 Powerful Affirmations to Bless Your Chakras)


Would you consider yourself to be healthy? Happy? Whole?

Well what if I told you that you could experience all of those feelings almost immediately, through 1 simple exercise?

Would you believe me?




*****I'm having a difficult time visualizing belief*****


Create a goal of how you’d like to FEEL about your life.

If you’d like to feel more passion, fun and excitement in your life for example, set this as your goal, and then each day, ask the Universe to bring ways for you to achieve this into your experience.

Soon, you’ll start becoming aware of activities or opportunities that will allow you to experience more of this feeling that you’d like to create for yourself.

If you like, you can then create clear goals around spending more time doing or getting better at these activities.






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