So What's Your Story?


I love it when I ask for something and ‘Hey Presto’ it appears.

As I was sitting at my desk this morning struggling to find the inspiration for a topic to write this blog post on I realized the mistake I was making…I was struggling.

I know that magic happens when I ask for what I want, get out of the way and surrender to the knowledge that what I asked for is on it’s way. Doing this opens up the channel for it to flow easily to me.

So that’s what I did. I asked for inspiration. I answered some questions in the USM forum, spent my allotted 5 minute Facebook time (which we all know is 30 minutes real time) then sorted my inbox and voila there it was in the form of a random email from someone I don’t even know.

Let’s just call them my angel for now.

I’d like to start by saying I normally don’t open emails from people I don’t know but the subject line caught my attention…’Change Your Thinking’.

As soon as I opened it I thought ‘Damn I’ve been tricked. It’s one of those chain emails’ but still I remained open and read on. I mean I was still looking for my blog topic and you never know where inspiration will strike.

So for the purposes of time let me summarize the story…

It was about 2 critically ill men sharing a hospital room. One was next to the window the other relegated to laying flat in the bed next to him. Each day when the ‘window guy’ could sit up he would describe to the ‘laying flat’ guy what was happening outside the window.

He would describe the park he could see with ducks and swans. Kids playing with model boats and young lovers walking through the vast array of flowers of all varying beautiful colors.

The ‘laying flat’ guy looked forward to this time each day and even though he couldn’t physically see out the window he could vividly see the scenes in his imagination.

Or should I say visualizations.

Anyhoo the morning came when it was discovered the ‘window guy’ had peacefully transitioned over in his sleep and the ‘laying flat guy’ asked to be moved to the window bed.

Once moved he summoned all the strength he had to prop himself up on one elbow to peer outside so he could finally see the beautiful scenes he had only imagined before. To his surprise he found himself looking at a blank wall.

The nurse then revealed the ‘window guy’ was blind.

So despite his own challenges and issues the ‘window guy’ chose through those vivid descriptions and stories to fill his day with happiness by making someone else feel happy…happiness shared is happiness doubled according to the wisdom of the email.

This made me think about the stories we tell to others and ourselves and how choosing a certain perspective can change the quality of our lives and those we influence around us.

Let’s face it ‘window guy’s’ story could have been his illness, blindness and inevitable transition, which is true, but instead he chose to create a story of beauty, fun and wonder that gave his final days meaning and focused on serving the person next to him.

Think about the stories you are sharing right now. Is your story about how bad the economy is, how you can never catch a break, how all the good men are taken or how you must have a thyroid issue as that’s the only explanation you can’t shift the extra pounds you are carrying.

OR are you choosing to be grateful for what you have, are you on a mission to make other people smile and are you raising the happiness levels of everyone you touch.

I’m writing my next book right now, which will detail the Mind Movies journey alongside the ‘Glen and Nat’ story of having the enviable marriage, separating with love and the immergence of Nat 2.0 out the other side.

When I sit down to write this story honestly there are at least 20 different versions or perspectives I could share and ALL of them are true.

I can tell you one thing for sure the story I will use is the one that serves and positively influences the perspective of the reader. It will not be all beauty, fun and wonder but I can promise it will be empowering, purposeful and inspiring.

And by choosing that perspective I hope to change the quality of our lives and those we influence around us.

I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…it’s your choice. YOU choose the story and therefore choose the outcomes in your life.

So thank you beautiful stranger for your random email this morning and the reminder of the lesson of how to tap into the higher consciousness.

So when it comes to tapping into inspiration think of it like the drill you use when your clothes catch fire. Instead of stop, drop and roll you surrender, get out of the way and stay open.

Works every time!





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