You Never Know Where Your Gifts will Come From


I love meeting people who are coming across Personal Development information for the first time. Living in the ‘California Bubble’ as I like to call it and being insulated or surrounded (purposefully) by friends who all do similar message based work as me sometimes I forget how completely life altering this information can be to new ears.

I remember when I popped my ‘PD’ cherry. I was 21 years old and my boss at the time handed me a set of cassettes, 6 if I recall correctly, by Brian Tracy.

‘You should listen to these Natalie I think you would really get a lot out of them” he said.

Well there was the understatement of the century!

I remember putting that first cassette into the player in my ‘Baked Bean’ – the affectionate name of my orange 1972 Corolla and hearing this strong, passionate American voice booming through the speakers, past my ear drums and directly into my brain changing my life forever.

The words I was hearing were new, I’d never heard anyone talk like this before but I instantly recognized it as the truth. It electrified me and I couldn’t get enough. The first few nights I couldn’t sleep. I felt like I had been sleep walking through my life until then and I didn’t want to waste any more time!

I had been introduced to a new way of thinking and given a different perspective on life. Brian Tracy helped me believe I could set lofty goals and reach them, communicate better with everyone in my life and the biggest gift was that I realized the sacrifice my parents made to parent me and my 7 siblings which filled me with love and respect for them.

He also gave me the confidence to share that love and respect with them and those conversations took me out of a competitive ‘I’ll show you I can live without you’ space into the beginning of a more beautiful relationship with them both.

If the Matrix movies had been created back then I would have acknowledged I swallowed the ‘red pill’!   

Oh and I wanted to tell EVERYONE how amazing this information was. How they needed to listen to these tapes, how they HAVE TO listen to these tapes it will change their lives, how their lives weren’t complete unless they LISTEN TO THE TAPES!!!

Does this remind you of anyone? Were you this excited too when you came across this information for the first time?

Or were you in that place of awakening where you had butterflies in your stomach thinking about the possibilities of where your life could go now? Like you knew a secret not many other people knew and you were craving more. Every video, every seminar, every audio and book was like another injection of the ‘good stuff’ that gave you a delicious hit of positivity, hope and excitement. 

Well I got to experience that excitement this week with my friend Rick. His personal development journey has just begun and to see those wheels turning in his mind when I answered some of his questions and that smile that slowly spread across his face when the ‘penny dropped’ and he completely comprehended a specific point. Especially the light in his eyes in acknowledgement of how his life was going to change, how he too has now swallowed the red pill…that ‘blows my hair back’ and expands my heart so much it nearly brings me to tears as I’m writing this.

As you probably know most of the people I reach with my message are online and even though I receive daily emails and feedback from people all around the world sharing their own stories of transformation and breakthroughs to actually experience that face to face with another soul is my favorite Christmas gift so far this year.

I think for me the mind blowing part of my conversation with Rick is that for all intensive purposes this was a regular situation (we were walking our dogs together along Venice Beach) that turned into a beautiful gift of happiness for both of us and we were simply showing up being ourselves.

It was completely unexpected.

So my point here is to remain open to the gifts coming your way in whatever shape or form it comes in. Sometimes they show up in the most common exchanges, with a smile you share with a stranger sitting next to you on the bus, a deeper personal connection with a family member you haven’t seen for a year or even with someone you see every day.

When you EXPECT to receive these moments of happiness and you’re looking for them they occur more often and will brighten and enhance even the toughest of days.

Happy Holidays  to you and I hope yours is filled with happiness and love.





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